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Klupska tjedna druženja se održavaju na adresi Nova cesta 107, Zagreb, Caffe bar ''NEHAJ'', nedjeljom od 15h do 19h.


Published the 15.03.18 23:42
  • icon Price Price : 750 HRK
  • icon Country Country : Croatia

Description :

Evo jedne meršaumice za ljubitelje dobrog dima...
Evo i tekst proizvođača:


Welcome to SYANIK shop

The company was founded by Hüseyin Yanık in 1953 and since then it has been continuing to provide goods and services to customers from all around the world. The center of the company is in Eskişehir, Turkey. We present meerschaum pipes of all types including classic and artistic ones. The meerschaum pipes we make, is made of the best quality block meerschaums. The meerschaum pipes that we sell belong only to our company and owing to the signature that each of them have, they have the guarantee of our company as well. Besides delrin screw and acrylic stems, from time to time amber, begalite stems are used for different pipes. The holes and airways of the pipes vary depending on the shape and size of pipes and their size generally change between 2 mm and 4,5 mm. Likewise, sizes of the pipes’ bowls change. Bowls are covered with beeswax in order to protect and render them long lasting. Each pipe has its own special case that is handmade and made of leather and trunk. We would like to remind you that our service continues after the sale is done. If there occur any problem due to your mistake, repair can be done in exchange of a fair price. Since we sell many types of pipes it is impossible to provide detailed information about the all. For that reason, please feel free to contact and ask further information. We will be glad to answer your questions and fulfill your desires. Special orders are accepted. Sending pictures, you can demand any shape to be carved on meerschaum pipe. For further information you may visit our website. Sometimes you may come across with some of our pipes in ebay while being sold by other sellers. We would like to inform you that they are independent from us and our policies. However, if you are suspicious for the originality of a SYANIK pipe, you can contact to us immediately to verify their originality. I wish you good luck. Thank you for visiting SYANIK shop.

Pipe sizes area

H :2 inch

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